Why Svipe iD
For Your

Based on Real Identities.

Svipe iD is based on a simple idea; we use the digital information already present in most Passports, National IDs, and Residence cards to directly create a digital identity. This works since the chip in these documents already contain the ID information in digital form. The information is digitally signed by the police authorities of the issuing country, which means that the document can’t be forged or cloned without detection. Learn more about supported documents here
Svipe iD App

Reach 1 Billion Users.

With 130+ countries issuing biometric passports, there are now more than 1 billion biometric passports in circulation, national identity and residence cards not counted. No other identity standard has the same geographic coverage and more countries are joining the standard every year.

Advanced AI.

Our app embeds advanced AI algorithms that compare the selfie of the user with the image stored in the chip. We also check for liveness and do a repeat check in our servers to protect against someone hacking the app.


We have designed our solution with an easy-to-implement API that makes it easy to start. Based on open industry standards such as REST, JSON, and OIDC.


Our business model is simple; we charge per transaction so that you have a predictable cost structure that scales with your business.

Truly Verified.

Don’t trust us; trust the math. We can prove to you cryptographically that the ID is authentic and government-issued.

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