One Human.
One Identity.


A Global Digital Identity.

Svipe iD allows you to create a digital ID with an identity document from more than 130 countries. We require a government-issued identity document with an embedded chip. Learn more about documents that we support here
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Verify Users.
Stop Grooming.
No trolls.
Yet anonymous.

With Svipe iD your users can verify themselves with the Svipe app and you receive an id that is unique to the user and linked to their id-document. The flow is simple; users activate a verification by Sviping on your site and then confirms their identity with the Svipe app. Read more
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Easy Onboarding.

After downloading, you are done creating your Svipe iD in a few minutes. No external devices or approvals from banks are required. Just a few easy steps where the app reads your document electronically through NFC and we verify that your selfie corresponds to the one stored in your document.
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We Don’t Store Your Data.

We don’t keep the personal data from your documents on our servers, it’s only stored encrypted on your phone. You read that right. After verifying that your data is correct, we delete it from our servers. So we can’t sell it to anyone and there’s just an empty box waiting for hackers…

You Are in Control.

With Svipe iD you are always in control of the information that is shared. When you use Svipe iD, you will see the information that is requested and it is only shared if you approve it explicitly.
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