Verify Unique Users.

With Svipe iD your users can verify themselves with the Svipe app and you receive an id that is unique to the user and linked to their id-document. The flow is simple; users activate a verification by “Sviping” on your site and then confirm their identity with the Svipe app.
Svipe iD App

Stop Multiple Accounts.

Since the Svipe iD is uniquely linked to an identity, you will have a powerful tool to stop multiple account signups for an individual.

Verify Age.

Prove age without disclosing identity. To ensure that kids interact with kids or adults interact with adults.

No Trolls.

Increase the value of your service by ensuring that your users are real humans and are not hiding behind a fake identity.

Bridging Offline to Online.

For customer journeys that involve both offline and online trust, Svipe iD provides the ideal solution. As the same ID document that is used to create the Svipe online ID is also used for offline ID verification, there is little room for mistakes, and traceability is retained in all steps.
Svipe iD App

Multifactor Authentication.

Svipe iD can be used as a powerful multi-factor authentication provider by using the app stand-alone. You can also require the user to perform a facial verification or to reconfirm possession of their id document.
Svipe iD App


Svipe iD can act as a wallet for third-party certificates (certified claims), such as medical certificates or access authorizations. In this context, Svipe iD act as an identity provider when retrieving the certificate and links the certificate to the Svipe iD so that a website or app can trust that the Svipe iD holder also has valid ownership over the certificate.

Find your vaccination provider and click on the Svipe button. Then scan the QR code. Done! The vaccination certificate is now added and linked to your identity if the information in the certificate corresponds to your identity (using a personal number when available).

Looking for Another Solution?

If you have another scenario that isn’t covered by the above, then we would love to talk to you! Please send us an email to [email protected], let us know what you are looking for and we’ll get back to you to learn more on how we can help.